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Birthdate:Feb 15
Solomon Hawken.
Original character.

Captain Breacan:
"Solomon Hawken was as bad as his reputation. No one could ally with the Goblin trade prince without a click of their tongue to express their distaste. One thing was certain, while he was a lout; he was a very rich one who controlled blackmarkets and the dangerous North border. If something was to be brought anywhere in the Fae realm, Hawken was the one to go to."

Name: Solomon Hawken.
Nickname(s): Hawken. Occasionally those closest to him call him Sol.

Hair color: Blond.
Eye color: Blue

Race: Seelie Fae. Goblin. (Mother raped by goblin).

Occupations: Owns a shop in New York city selling items for 'the craft and second hand goods'. Name: Goblin Markets.

Trained Seelie Fae in all court magic and weapons. Once body guard to the Northborder Seelie Fae who killed their king when the king became 'greedy'. Overtook the throne for his own. The border world settled into darkness and chaos. Hawken was banished from all fae courts for his treachery and his name stricken from the court records. It is said the border world will return to light and Hawken will find court redemption when he finds his soul mate and true love. Only trouble is Hawken, part goblin, likes his dark chaos just a bit too much.

Personality: Sweetness and light in looks…Dark and dangerous in personality.

Mun and muse over eighteen
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